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Can't Go On This Way, Reunion, If You Leave Me, Cabiria, Heart Of Romain, Georgia, What You Meant To Me, Carry Me Close, The Long Way Home, The Magic Violin, (intro) One Step Closer, One Step Closer, Columbus Stockade Blues, Someone To Watch Over Me.

What a cracking little record - just as expected!  Elana James, Whit Smith and Jake Erwin are The Hot Club of Cowtown and they have never made a bad album. ‘Wishful Thinking' is well up to standard with gorgeous originals standing strong alongside the Bob Wills inspired Western Swingers ‘Can't Go On This Way' and ‘Heart of Romain' and the more traditional sounding ‘Columbus Stockade Blues'. Then there's their take on current stuff like Tom Wait's lovely slice of Celtic beauty ‘The Long Way Home' and Elena James' marvellous ‘One Step Closer' which may well be the sleeper of this album. Add the superb arrangements on brilliant standards written by Hoagy Carmichael and the Gershwin Brothers and you've got a CD brimming with class! Whit Smith tackles Hoagy's ‘Georgia' with all the stealth and caution displayed in the original and Elana surely studied Blossom Dearie's divine 1959 recording of Gershwin's ‘Someone To Watch Over Me' before making this blissful version. 

You've got to be good to make music that's as varied as this but I'm especially drawn to Elana James fiddle playing - whether she's turning subtle on the Gershwin song or swinging like crazy on her own ‘Heart of Romain' or the heavy action of ‘Columbus Stockade Blues'. The woman is a whiz and so is this brilliant little CD.  Do yourself a favour and try this.

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Review Date: July 2012

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