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ZZ Hill, Clay Hammond, Jimmy Holiday, Arthur & Mary, Jeanette Jones, Marie Love, Jackie Day, Tami Young, Little Henry & The Shamrocks, BB King, Johnny Copeland, Terry & The Tyrants, Jimmy Robins, Willie Gauff & The Love Brothers, Joe Haywood, Yvonne Baker, Tommy Youngblood, The Mighty Hannibal, Stacy Johnson, Larry Davis, Ernie Andrews, Larry Sanders, Millie Foster, Ruth Davies.

This is a revitalised re-issue of one of Kent's biggest selling albums of the 80s. It collects 26 stellar soul and blues sounds from Kent and Modern 45s featuring big names like BB King, Johnny Copeland, ZZ Hill and Clay Hammond alongside lesser known talent like Yvonne Baker and Tommy Youngblood as well as real obscurities like Millie Foster and Willie Gauff. A couple of tracks from the original release couldn't be included because of licensing problems but they're more than compensated for by the replacements and the dozen or so extra tracks that amount to around 79 minutes of playing time!

Starting out with ZZ Hill's dynamic remake of Sam Cooke's Nothing Can Change The Love I Have For You, we plough through helpless pleading on Jimmy Holiday's I Can't Stand It and slow churchy grooving on Jackie Day's big soul ballad If I'd Lose You. Then there's the tough throaty blast of Johnny Copeland's ‘Every Dog's Got His Day' and Tommy Youngblood's blues dripping ‘Why Should I be The One?'

This CD is a feast of gripping soul/blues blasts but it's particularly fascinating when you listen to the obscurities like Willie Gauff & The Love Brothers who were a red hot vocal group dominated by Willie's huge singing voice. And who are Little Henry and The Shamrocks? Their track Baby Come To Me was released in 1964 but sounds much older thanks to its vintage vocal group leanings.

Hardcore collectors will remember the original vinyl LP with affection and will be thrilled with this updated, refreshed version. It's a true blast!


Review Date: September 2009

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