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Elevator Boogie, I'll Be Satisfied, Zydeco Ball, You Changed My Life All Over, Tina Mae, Wonderin' Blues, Crazy Maid & Bad Hostess Rag, Without You I Wouldn't Do, Radio Act Twist, Sun's Shining So Bright, Needed Winds.

Summer's on the way and Jo' Buddy's got a new album out so all's well with the world. Forget recessions and politics and all that jazz, Jo' Buddy's here with another armful of terrific music with his trademark aggressive performances that'll bring a smile to your face. Those of you who know and love his music won't need to read this review, in fact you're probably already on the phone buying it right now. For those who aren't familiar, Jo sings and plays electric guitar with Down Home King, a drummer who simply flays into his kit like a man possessed and together they lay down some of the funkiest, rawest and raucous blues imaginable.

Their two previous CDs Grits & Rattles and Whole Lotta Things To Do delighted blues fans across Europe and The USA and this one will make it three in a row. Jo' Buddy and Downhome King tear into every song with a mixture of reverence for the blues and a gut-bucket determination to make the whole thing rock. Even the most intricate items like the raggy Crazy Maid & Bad Hostess have an earthy guitar tone that works so well with those insistent drums but I like ‘em best when they get nasty and savage on stuff like Radio Act Twist which sounds like Duane Eddy taking lessons from CeDell Davis while Frank Zappa's drummer keeps the beat. I also love their discordant approach on Sun's Shining So Bright - a thundering remake of an Elmore James idea that lumbers along at an elephantine pace with harpist Little Victor wading in with some thoughtful riffs and Jo Buddy slamming out some blistering slow guitar.

The instrumental Needed Winds is powered along by an ultra loud guitar with the reverb turned up to cataclysmic and it sounds fabulous. It's loud, resonant and terrifyingly dark and powerful; the kind of stuff David Lynch would use if he ever got into the blues. Elevator Boogie speeds along with Down Home King's interpretation of the fife-and-drum beat while Jo' gets to work on a slashing boogie rhythm that Country Jim Bledsoe would love. You Changed My Life All Over sounds like Hi Heel Sneakers on speed with some of the liveliest guitar work on the album and then Tina May slows things down a bit with Jo Buddy cranking out a traditional blues line, getting low and lonesome on the vocals pleading and howlin' out for mercy from the girl who just won't stay. Wonderin' Blues gets us right back up again with an upbeat bouncer fed by Jo's slicing guitar runs and another intensely off-beat solo that slams you in the chest.

Every track is a blast. Jo' Buddy has made another five star CD. Buy this - you know it'll do you good!



Review Date: May 2010

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