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Delmark (DE805 )

She's All Right, How Can I Be Nice To You, I Live The Life I Love, I've Got A Right To Love My Baby, Champagne And Reefer, There's A Time, Everything's Gona Be Alright, Sweet Sixteen, Found My Baby Gone, Nineteen Years Old, I Want You To Love Me, Got My Mojo Workin', Sugar Sweet, Don't Go No Further, Checkin' Up On My Baby, Just To Be With You, Blues Had A Baby.

Here comes some vintage Chicago blues wrangling from vocalist Willie Buck backed by an all star outfit of Louis Meyers and John Primer on guitars, big blues harp from Little Mac Simmons and Dimestore Fred, Big Moose Walker on piano plus Jerry Porter and Jodie North banging the drums.

There are 17 tracks on this CD, twelve of them from Buck's ultra rare 1980s album with a further five from a live session in Chicago .

Willie had been around the club scene in Chicago for over thirty years when he brought a bundle of tried and tested tunes to the studio - material drawn from the repertoires of his heroes, Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Jimmy Reed and St Louis Jimmy. Obviously styling himself on Muddy, his mellow but tough vocals sound comfortable and assured on these well loved numbers.

Although he personally remained in relative obscurity, he surrounded himself with top class musicians: Eddie Taylor, Magic Slim, Byther Smith and Big Leon Brooks all played in his live bands over the years - and his hand picked musicians on these sessions do him proud. Meyers and Primer provide some stellar string bending throughout and Little Mac comes across as a harp player at the top of his game with the mysterious Dimestore Fred threatening to steal the show on some numbers!

This is an album full of tough, relentless Chicago blues in the good old style and is, in my opinion, one of the best Delmark CDs of recent years. Don't miss it.


Review Date: July 2010

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