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Gonna Be With You, Sugaree, Donna The Prima Donna, Blue Days Black Nights, Let It Roll, Had To Let You Know, She Moves Me, Pretty Baby, Real Wild Child, Early In The Morning, Sleepwalk, Little Suzie.

Here's a treat! This little CD contains some of the most enjoyable rock'n'roll imaginable from a four piece Scottish rockabilly band that has spent the last fifteen years honing and sharpening its music to the point where it's just right.

Lead vocalist Steve Smith has picked the best material available from the repertoires of Buddy Holly (Blue Days Black Nights and Early In The Morning), Dion (Donna The Prima Donna), Johnny O'Keefe (Real Wild Child) and Santo and Johnny (a roaring version of Sleepwalk) as well as writing some memorable songs himself. Had To Let You Know is a glistening glob of extra-fine doowop self pity and She Moves Me is an upbeat blast of jangling guitar chords and heartfelt lyrics assisted with a wide-open rocking feel generated by lead guitar whizz Dave Burnette that transports you right back to the fifties. Smith's best tune though, is Gonna Be With You which sounds like a jam session with The Crickets and Bobby Fuller. It's a gem. It simply steams along with great lyrics, tremendous vocals, a punchy rhythm section and a spot-on guitar solo. This band wouldn't have been out of place on the soundtrack of American Graffiti.

The Accelerators have just made one of the best rock'n'roll albums I've heard in a long time.

Review Date: January 2011

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