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Ace (CDCHD456)

Crying Holy Unto The Lord,  There's A Leak In This Old Building, Send Down That Rain, Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down, Farther On, You Got To Move, Little David Play On Your Harp, Thank You Jesus, There's A Higher Power, Dip Your Finger In The Water, Stop That Train and more (23 tracks).

Although this CD was released in 1993, I'd overlooked it which is quite unforgivable considering it holds the most intense set of fire and brimstone preaching and singing I've ever heard. Let me tell you - I'm here to put that straight, brothers and sisters!

Brother Claude Ely spent most of his adult life preaching in the Holiness Churches of Appalachia and travelling with the revival shows that flourished in the south and during one of these revivals in 1953, King Records of Cincinnati recorded a full service from a country church in Kentucky capturing the fervent sermons and gloriously impassioned preaching and songs that so pulverised his congregation.

When King first released its Brother Claude Ely LPs, they edited out the preaching and patter and left only the hymns but on this CD, Ace has kept the whole thing complete giving us a chance to experience the nerve tingling power of a genuine fire and brimstone preacher in full flight in 1950's Kentucky - and it's glorious stuff.

This CD opens with a high energy welcome from Brother Ely before he starts strumming his guitar and belting out a full-on version of Crying Holy Unto The Lord. He hammers out the lyrics with a vengeance and just when you think he's about to collapse exhausted by his bulldozer of an effort, he leans out into the audience, slapping his bible, sweating and spitting, to preach like a man possessed - which, of course, is exactly what he was. His sermons are frightening in their intensity; he shouts out with such power and intensity, it's almost as if there is hardly enough breath in his lungs to allow him bellow out half a sentence before he has to gulp down more air to get the rest out so there are no gaps in his proclamations of hell fire and redemption. He is relentless.

‘Satan Get Back' is a powerhouse of wall to wall soul-searching sermons and great rollicking gospel songs that include You Got To Move, Farther On, There Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down and Little David Play On Your Harp all performed with unrestrained intensity and uninhibited religious fire.

The effect of Brother Claude Ely's electrifying delivery is damn near impossible to describe but if you've ever heard Leon Russell's live version of Young Blood/Jumping Jack Flash you'll have an inkling of what I'm trying to impart. You really have to hear it to believe it so I urge you to get a copy and inwardly digest every glorious moment and then, when it's available, buy the book to embellish the whole experience. 

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Review Date: Febraury 2011

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