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Delta Groove (DGPCD135)

Arthur Adams music is deceptive. On first listen it is smooth and silky and rolls along nicely enough but then next day you find yourself humming the songs and longing to hear that funny little guitar lick punch-line again and then you find you just can't leave it alone. Well, that's what happened to me, anyway.

Arthur Adams plays the blues with an unhurried ease, striking a kind of Boz Scaggs mood with sophisticated moves and cool grooves that are filled with impressive licks and generous solo passages. His vocals are uncluttered, crystal clear and steeped in soulful longing on exceptional songs like You Can't Win For Losing, which is one of those if-it-wasn't-for-bad-luck boppers, Don't Let The Door Hit You which would suit Bobby Bland to a tee and Nature Of The Beast with it's ringing gospel tinge. There are three instrumental tracks on this CD too - the straight ahead blues Blue Roots, the soaring Around The Sun which sounds like a Larry Carlton outtake and, my favourite track on the whole CD, You Got That Right. This one's a funky workout that drives along at a mid-tempo rate with tons of snappy chops, snaky chords and a vibrant gear-changing little shuffle of notes that works every time.

Do yourself a favour, don't pass up the chance to hear this great new album from Arthur Adams. It's hot stuff.

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Review Date: April 2011

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