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MIG (MIG90367 DVD)

Hideaway, Messin' With The Kid, Walking By Myself, Mississippi Blues, Divin' Duck, Johnny B Goode, Suzie Q, Drum solo, I'm Ready, Rockabilly Boogie, Medley, Jumpin' Jack Flash.

I've always been of the opinion that if Johnny Winter was paid by the note, he would be a billionaire by now. He would certainly have earned a few hundred thousand when he made this appearance in April 1979 with bass player Jon Paris and drummer Bob Torello.

On this DVD it's your usual Winter performance with frenzied clusters of powerful notes, tons of terrific solos, hard grinding rhythm guitar and croaky vocals bawled out at full volume until Johnny and the audience are exhausted and delirious. He certainly puts on a show, delivering hard driving up-tempo blues standards like Messin' With The Kid, Divin' Duck and Hideaway alongside rockers like Susie Q and Johnny B Goode and then some slightly contemplative moments on the country-ish Mississippi Blues and the medley which includes versions of songs by Muddy, Sleepy John Estes and Robert Johnson.

You get hardcore Winter all the way except for a couple of tunes with Jon Paris playing lead guitar and Johnny foolin' around on bass and a ten minute drum solo by Bob Torello which he must be cringing about to this day! Never mind, that's what your fast forward button is for and it's only ten minutes that you have to avoid in a 122 minute display of exactly how to rock the blues by one of the true guitar heroes of the last 40 years. If you're a Johnny Winter fan, see him here at his peak.

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Review Date: April 2011

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