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ElectroFi (ELECTRO3424)

Sure As You Live, Thank You Mr Reed, Anticipation, When You Got A Good Friend, Arlene, The Money Men, Dissatisfied, Re-break My Heart, Love Puzzle, Look Down The Road, Drive My Blues Away, Happy Song, Ramblin' On My Mind.

Morgan Davis with Electrofi has come up with one of those infectious low-key, easy rollin' CDs full of simple songs that grow and grow on you. That's not to say that it's lightweight. He has an excellent voice which gets the message over, with no frills or fancy stuff, on his own well-honed tunes and well selected vintage material from Robert Johnson and Skip James via Chris Smither and then there's a funky revitalisation of Sonny Boy Williamson's Dissatisfied and a Texas country blues called Arlene which is credited to Lightnin' Hopkins.

A good voice needs a good guitar and Morgan Davis' sensitive touch delivers strong finger-picking techniques in a variety of styles. There's a little gem here called Re-Break My Heart which features a guitar sound which reminds me of Taj Mahal's big fat semi-acoustic tone on his late 70s records and then there's the perfectly paced chugging guitar work on another of my favourites; Love Puzzle. There's more great guitar on the bopping Drive My Blues Away and I'm fascinated by the sound he gets from the home-made cigar-box on Skip James Look Down The Road and Robert Johnson's When You Got A Good Friend. Speaking of Robert Johnson, I'm not usually impressed when people try to recreate his songs - my thinking is if you want a Robert Johnson song then listen Robert Johnson. Having said that, I like Morgan's straight forward version of Ramblin' On My Mind where he plays the hell out of his National guitar. No pyrotechnics, no showing off, just a straight forward performance of a great tune played perfectly in three minutes flat.

I'm liking this CD so much in fact, that I'm off to give it another spin right now!


Review Date: March 2012

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