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JSP (JSP4219)

Soldier Boy Houston, Sonny Boy Holmes, Slim Green Smokey Hogg, Beverly Scott, Charles Lacy, Sidney Maiden, James Tisdom and more

Another in a fabulous series of rare down-home blues recordings from JSP. This one summons up a whole host of little-known blues singers and musicians from the late 40s and early 50s who recorded for small independent record labels in California.

These labels emerged to cater for the large influx of migrants from the southern states searching for work in the booming manufacturing and leisure industries.

Despite the new environment and culture, however, the 53 recordings contained here indicate that the link with their musical past remained strong - or as compiler Neil Slaven writes in his excellent liner notes; "they fostered the public's appetite for country blues, each record a microcosm of the world they'd left behind on their trip west".

This of course works very much in our favour all these years later, as this collection is a striking addition to the growing library of tasty down-home blues that JSP is steadily creating for us. Indeed, if you have been smitten with their ongoing Juke Joints series (now up to three volumes with the release of JSP77150 Juke Joints 3 a month or so back), there is a good argument for seeing this as the (unofficial) fourth volume. And we can't think of a higher recommendation than that, can you?


Review Date: June 2012

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