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Ace (CDCHD1355)

Rocket Morgan, Pee Wee Trahan, Vince Anyhony, Mickey Gilley, Al Ferrier, Cajun Joe, Warren Storm, Wiley Jeffers, Rusty Kerhaw, JC Politz & The Kings Of Swing, Johnny Jano, Jay Chevalier & many more

The second in a (hopefully) voluminous series of unearthed rock and roll treasure that has been languishing in the vaults of independent record labels of Louisiana until now. Volume 1 came out in the summer of 2012 and we all loved it, so it is with great pleasure to announce that Volume 2 is now available and it is just as good. 

As before, there are 28 hot and spicy southern-fried Louisiana-styled rockabilly numbers, all processed through wizz-bang new technology that means that not only do they sound sensational, but 12 of the tracks that were previously un-issued and unheard have now been transferred from tape to whatever it is they use these days and are now present, correct and rocking. 

As with Volume 1, it is all pretty obscure stuff but the hit rate is remarkably high, no duds and plenty of highlights. Vince Anthony's scores big in my mind early on with Too Hot To Handle as it sounds to me like the perfect rockabilly number, featuring witty lyrics and a guitar break that appears as though it was recorded underwater. And I always think favourably of a CD that ends on a high, as this does with Robert Owens sprightly but slightly shambolic Whose Baby Are You. In between times, there is a lot of guitar twanging, piano-thumping and sax-guzzling - just as there should be!   


Review Date: March 2013

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