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Fremeaux (FA5415)

Don't let the title confuse or put you off. The concept is designed to show how and where 1970s punk rock took the sounds, spirit and attitude from music and artists that had gone before. But frankly, you don't have to concern yourself  with this, just enjoy the set as a wonderful compilation of exciting and often rare, early rock & roll, rockabilly, R&B, blues, jazz and more.

The jazz tracks variously feature Art Tatum, Charlie Parker, Albert Ayler, Jelly Roll Morton, Ornette Coleman and, my favourite, a nine minutes Excursion On A Wobbly Train by The Cecil Taylor Quartet, which is every bit as eccentrically rickety as the title suggests.

R&B and blues sides are included from Arthur Crudup, Big Joe Turner, Sugarboy Crawford, Lowell Fulson, Tiny Bradshaw, Roy Brown and more, but overall the rock 'n roll and rockabilly sides are the most numerous, rare and enjoyably unhinged. Hasil Adkins on She Said has to be heard to be believed, as does The Phantom on Love Me.  These, and other nut-jobs, sit nicely alongside other rockers including Bob Luman, Vince Taylor, The Crickets, Little Richard, Johnny Burnette, Ronnie Allen and many more.

So ditch the concept and simply revel in 3CDs full of 69 cracking tracks.

Review Date: January 2014

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