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Ace (CDCHD1462)

Roy Perkins, Dale Houston, Phil Cay, John Fred, Gene Dunlap, The Boogie Kings, Larry Hart, Buck Rogers, Warren Storm, Al ‘Puddler' Harris, Johnny Preston, Johnny Jano, Billy Lewis and more...

The thirteenth release in the tremendous By The Bayou series, and the second dedicated to the wondrous sounds of Swamp Pop. This has 28 more exemplary treats as found in the vaults of independent labels of Louisiana owned in the late 1950s and early 1960s by JD Miller, Eddie Shuler, Floyd Soileau, Huey Meaux, Joe Ruffino and more.

Many of these tracks are fiendishly rare, being previously unheard, new to CD or alternate takes of tracks released elsewhere and the overall standard of what is presented is stunning.

Some of the artists herein have featured elsewhere in the series, but not all. Of those new to us, Dale Houston offers up an early highlight with Won't You Believe Me as does Phil Cay's vocal quiver on Blue Eyes. Gene Dunlap has appeared on other By The Bayou CDs and again contributes a good ‘un with the moodily atmospheric Problems On My Mind.

As with the other sets in the series, researcher and compiler Ian Saddler outlines in the accompanying 16 page booklet some of the difficulties encountered in identifying and correctly attributing the music to the right artists given the paucity of some of the file documentation and disc labelling available. For most listeners, this is of course not a real issue - not knowing for sure who Jimmy Trotter actually was hasn't adversely affected my enjoyment of the rockin' Hungry And Thirsty included here, and Please Forgive Me  by The Boogie Kings is a delight even if it is not possible to confirm for sure whether the lead singer's name was Skip Morris or Skip Stewart.

Suffice to say, after thirteen volumes of this hugely impressive series, it still continues to delight and thrill. Whether you have all of the previous volumes or none of them, you will still find plenty to enjoy here.



Review Date: Febraury 2016

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